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Trustworthy Sources For Vaccine Information

Reading about vaccines on the internet can get dicey. There is a lot of misinformation out there and it is hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction. The best source of information about vaccines is your child's pediatrician. He or she can direct you to appropriate resources as well.  The next best source of information about vaccines is the CDC website. There you can find the CDC's official vaccination schedule and answers to questions you might have. Below is a list of links to other reputable sites with more information about vaccines.

The American Academy of Pediatrics

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services

Vaccine Education Center, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Immunization Action Coalition

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  • Where can I buy this book?
    This book was released in September of 2019. It is currently available online through the Friesen Press website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and several other major online book resalers. Check out the "Buy" tab for more information!
  • What ages is this book appropriate for?
    This book was written to be read by an adult to a child ages 4-6. This is the age that children are due to get a dose of the DTap, Polio, MMR, and Varicella vaccines, which is why some of the bacterial and viral infections prevented by these vaccines were incorporated into the story!
  • Can I support UNICEF's vaccination efforts without buying a book?
    Absolutely! You can follow the link on the "Buy and Donate" tab to donate directly to UNICEF's vaccination efforts
  • Does this book talk about the "risks" of vaccines?"
    No. Vaccines are safe and effective, despite what some anti-vaccination sources may claim. Adverse reactions to vaccines are extremely rare. See the resources above for more information.
  • Why don't you offer resources from both sides of the pro-vaccine vs. anti-vaccine argument?
    Vaccines are safe and effective. Anti-vaccine sites or those offering a "balanced" view of vaccines often greatly distort scientific facts or fabricate them entirely. The sites above offer resources that are based only in scientific fact. The facts support vaccination.
  • How can I get more involved in this awesome project?
    You can spread the Vax-Force love in your hometown by buying books and donating them to schools and libraries! You can also email to find out how you can get more involved.
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