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Now Available Online!

You can buy the Vax-Force Book on the Friesen Press website, on Amazon, or on Barnes and Noble.  

Please Note: A paperback book should cost  $9.99, and a hardcover should cost $16.99. There are several independent sellers who are reselling at much higher prices. Please buy only from those who offer the book at a fair price! We recommend buying directly from Friesen Press.

*Our direct online purchasing platform is under construction.

Please click one of the red "buy on ...." buttons above to buy online 

Donating to UNICEF USA

In a world where anti-vaccination rhetoric threatens the health of our global community, this book's mission is to teach children and adults alike that getting vaccinations is a safe, effective, and even exciting thing to do. Vaccination Victory LLC, is proud to donate $1 to UNICEF USA for every Vax-Force Book sold throughout the life of the Vaccination Victory company.* We encourage our readers to consider donating to UNICEF USA independently, to help support all of the wonderful work UNICEF USA does, including giving free vaccinations to children in need.


*UNICEF USA does not endorse any brand or product. No portion of the purchase price is tax-deductible.

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