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Our Story

Vax-Force was created by a medical student who wanted a better way to teach kids about vaccines and address the Anti-Vax movement through education. The idea for Vax-Force started out as an entrepreneurship class project at Saint Louis University. It was then presented at SLU's 2018 Elevator Pitch Competition, a contest where ideas for products and projects are pitched to professionals.  After winning the competition, the $2500 prize money (plus a little extra) was put towards forming Vaccination Victory LLC, hiring the talented illustrator, Nick Iannaco, and publishing the book through the Friesen Press independent publishing company.   


Because our mission is to promote vaccination for all children, we are pleased to announce that Vax-Force has made a donation to support UNICEF’s immunization efforts, and an additional $1 will be donated by Vax-Force for every book sold. 

-Kelsey Rowe, Author -
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Kelsey is an MD/MBA student at Saint Louis University School of Medicine and Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business. She will graduate in 2020 and intends to pursue a career in pediatrics. She has also published research related to herpes vaccine development.

While working in pediatrics clinics as a student, Kelsey realized there were limited resources aimed towards helping children understand why they needed shots. She also grew frustrated with the Anti-Vax movement. She wanted an easier way to help kids and adults understand vaccines, and Vax-Force was born.

Kelsey is originally from Topeka, Kansas. She enjoys running, painting, and far too much coffee.

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- Nick Iannaco, Illustrator -
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Nick graduated with a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2018. There, he studied 2D Animation with a minor in Music & Technology. Nick is mainly interested in concept art, animation, storyboarding, sound design, and foley recording.

Originally, Nick is from Southern New Hampshire. At an early age, he began drawing and became quickly interested in music as well. Nick has played in bands throughout his education and has composed a score for a fellow student’s film as well.

In addition to drawing and animation, Nick enjoys playing the drums, swimming, reading, and catching up on his favorite television shows. 


For more information on Nick and his portfolio, visit his website here.


The Vax-Force Book would not have been possible without the valuable advice, input, and feedback from the following mentors, colleagues, friends, and family:

Dr. Kenneth Haller

Dr. Angela Myers

Dr. Lynda Morrison

Dr. Jamie Sutherell

Dr. Marta King

Dr. Jerome Katz 

Don Dent

June Herman

Julie Dubray

Rebecca Israel

Dr. Marla Israel

Lori Rowe

Daniel Rowe

Aaron Rowe

Tarush Khurana

Shaylyn Davis

Bob Iannaco

Carol Iannaco

Kris Trimmer

Kyle Rivera

Avery Rivera

Chyleigh Harmon

Mark Zemela

Stella Hoft

Rishabh Kodia

Camille Barnes

Carly Thaxton

Joseph Colarelli

Kira Feldman

Rebecca Arias

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