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Learn about real vaccination science with Vax-Force!

Vax-Force is a children's book that explores how vaccination works inside the human body! In the book, Dr. Vaxson the pediatrician explains how trusted doctors and scientists made Vicky the Vaccine. Her mission is to tell Willy the White Blood Cell and his Antibuddies how to find and fight bad-guy germs like Measles, Tetanus, and Polio. Come along on this exciting and educational vaccination adventure with Vax-Force!

***During this global COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of understanding vaccination science is more important than ever.  Vax-Force is proud to provide a trusted resource for teaching children and adults alike about viruses and vaccines during these uncertain times. We also hope that our book can be a fun way to pass this social distancing time together!*** 

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Our mission: Help kids and parents understand vaccines 

Mom and a Child

At Vax-Force, we believe the Anti-Vax movement is simply based on fear and a fundamental misunderstanding of vaccines.  Similarly, children's fear of shots is exacerbated by not understanding what vaccines are. Vax-Force provides a fun way for children and adults to learn about vaccination together and change the conversation about vaccines.  The Vax-Force book was developed with the help of pediatricians, microbiologists, and infectious disease specialists to explain real vaccination science using easy to understand metaphors and illustrations.  With this book, we hope to empower both kids and parents to understand vaccines and promote vaccination as part of a healthy childhood.   Vax-Force has made a donation to support UNICEF’s immunization efforts, and an additional $1 will be donated by Vax-Force for every book sold.  See our Buy and Donate page for details!

Pediatricians Recommend Vax-Force

Getting vaccines can be really scary for kids so I am delighted that there is finally a book like Vax-Force to help kids understand how immunizations work and how their own bodies become superheroes using vaccines as tools to fight off harmful infections. Employing simple, direct language and clever, delightful illustrations, Kelsey Rowe and Nick Iannaco’s book makes it clear to kids that getting immunized is a strong and brave and even fun thing to do!


- Kenneth Haller, MD, FAAP, Professor of Pediatrics,

Saint Louis University School of Medicine

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